Dear Network Marketer...

I used to be a marketing nobody. When I got started in network marketing, I couldn't sell a certified, 10-pound gold bullion for a dollar if my life depended on it. I couldn't sponsor anyone for a long time.
My first year in network marketing I made a pitiful $250. But with hard work persistence, stick-to-it-iveness and determination I became a top1% income earner by age 29 and remained one for 27 years in a row.
I went from ex Navy Officer and then truck driver in my father-in-law's chemical company making $9,000 a year, to fully living the American Dream where money, freedom and every other possible conceivable dream came true at the highest level.
I have worked for 14 years in the “old-school" network marketing model as the #1 earner in two companies — and 13 years in the “new-school" model as #1 earner in two more companies using the internet. I've had over 800,000 reps in my career and currently earning retirement incomes from several organizations.
I'm also one of the top recruiters in my current primary opportunity. And, get this...I don´t sell to neighbors, friends or family. I don't put flyers on cars and don't chase people in malls. I use the internet. I generate tons of real-time leads online.

I'm Here To Share My ENTIRE Online Marketing Strategy With You...

I will show you what many top leaders and gurus would never publish and reveal. Every serious, successful leader in the online network marketing space has a personal marketing machine that generates leads for them 27/7/365. But they never publish information on how to set it up!

They may talk about or sell you individual tools, but nothing ever about their entire machine. And without this information it may take you over one year to build an online online presence that really works. I will cut that down to one week or two at the most for you. I will share powerful information on how to "simplistically" leverage the internet to grow the business of your dreams.
These strategies are the result of years of serious time in the trenches, hard knocks, trial-and-error. I promise you I will save you a lot of time. From scratch to a flow of leads that never stops in a week or two!

Are You Tired of Being Unprepared, Unaware and Forced To Face Unnecessary, Unsustainable Rejection?

Hey, I respect the old school. I did very well in it for many years. It still has many good (actually essential) things to offer, which I treasure, teach and train. But it's 2015! Times have changed...and every year they are changing even faster.
The good prospects are not in malls and supermarkets. They are not anxiously waiting by the phone dying to receive your promise-loaded cold calls. The good prospects are online! The internet is full of networkers. They are there by the millions and easy to reach. If you don't reach them, your competition will.

             Imagine How It Would Feel To Have Plenty of     
       Prospects Coming To You Every Day and Never Have To
                Talk To Disinterested Prospects Ever Again...

Imagine having the ability to sift, sort, keep or throw away and CHERRY PICK who you want to work with! Ask yourself this question, If there was a honest, legitimate and strategic way where high-quality leads come to you every day online, eager to get your advice and opinion and you never had to deal with unnecessary rejection, dog fights or tug of wars again, wouldn't you want to see how it worked?
What if instead of being perceived as some nagging network marketer peddling a pyramid, you were viewed as a professional and people treated you with respect? If this was true, how would it affect your confidence, attitude, happiness and income?

   Supercharged Online Sponsoring Is Detailed        
       Information That Teaches You The Latest Techniques to Generate Qualified Leads and Recruit  
                   Interested Prospects Online!

It's about the clearest and most efficient approach to finding, reaching, connecting and attracting, training and retaining qualified network marketers in today's internet environment.
It's the first publication ever that lays out all the facts, gives you accurate, strategic, down-to-earth, principles, information, latest tools and step-by-step instructions to build an awesome marketing machine. It gives you the "competitive advantage" you need to make your business bigger and faster with less effort, less expense and less time.
It Focuses on YOU and Lays Out a Clear Master Plan How To Become Successful In Network Marketing Using the Internet.
It gives you the hyper awareness you need to recognize what is effective and what is not online. It cuts through the noisy maze of the internet, skips the dime-a-dozen information and lasers right on what works.

Take 100% control of lead generation and your business.

No more suffering, chasing, pestering and cold calling insanity.

Generate as many leads as you have time for.

Be viewed as a RESPECTED professional.

Become a TOP recruiter in your company.
If you think this sounds too good to be true, I don't blame you! Like me, you've probably been taken for a ride so many times that your ability to believe anything has been highjacked anesthetized and locked in a dark room.
But this time you are not reading from some writer or affiliate marketer that just wants to sell you a book. You are reading from someone who has wildly succeeded for 27 years, then put together the "ULTIMATE sponsoring blueprint" with your success in mind.
To ignore this information would simply be a bad decision. By not owning this manual, you may struggle forever. You may never hop onto the "money side."

You Can Have The Most Rewarding Compensation Plan In The World, The Most Talked About and Loved Product On The Planet, The Most Attentive Upline...

BUT in this day and age — in this mature, information-driven, educated marketplace that can access information in a nanosecond — if you don‘t have an EDGE, if you’re still stuck in the pound-the-pavement, high-rejection model and don't have up-to-date marketing knowledge: a way to generate lots of leads and sponsoring strategies that work in real life...then nothing else matters!
Nothing can teach you that better than Supercharged Online Sponsoring. And if you dream of a network marketing business that can eventually sustain, grow and prosper by itself "without your involvement," then you REALLY need this information.
There's really NO comprehensive system designed to teach you the implementation of the online network marketing process from start to finish. Yes, there are products describing different principles and steps along the way.

Supercharged Online Sponsoring™ Contains Blue-Chip Lead Generation, Recruiting and Sponsoring Information Not Available Anywhere Else

You can find useful methods and tools separately, but there's not one ALL encompassing practical reference that can take you through all the processes necessary to consistently generate leads and systematically and perpetually sponsor new distributors.
To acquire the same information, you would have to spend a year (or two) of research, read over 200 eBooks/courses, watch more than 150 hours of videos, spend weeks in seminars/webinars and waste tens of thousands of dollars in detailed, grueling experimentations, trials and tribulations.
Now, you don't. I've done all the hard work for you and put it all down in an eye opening, easy to follow, practical manual that is essential to not only survive, but also to become insanely successful in today’s competitive marketplace.
If you’re serious about building a business that will set you free — both financially and time wise — you need to think "very seriously" about taking ownership of Supercharged Online Sponsoring.


        You Can't Be a Top Producer Without Being a "Top Producer of     
                           Leads" and an Expert at Sponsoring

Ninety Percent (90%) Fail, NOT Because They Don’t Have Common Sense...NOT Because They Are Lazy, NOT Because They Don’t Have Excitement or Motivation, But Because They LACK The Information, Skills and Knowledge They Need.
That won't be you after you read and ACT upon Supercharged Online Sponsoring.
 But I warn you: Supercharged Online Sponsoring™ will leave you with no excuses.
     If you have been saying:
"I keep on buying ebooks, but they are all junk", "I keep watching videos, but they are too complicated," "my upline told me this works, and it didn't," "my upline uses secret systems they don't share," "gurus have large advertising budgets, I don't," "the internet is too difficult,"
"I spend hours on Facebook and I can't ever sponsor anyone," "Twitter looks like a waste of time," "Google took out my capture pages," and who knows what else...
 You won't be able to say those things. NOT this time.
Starting right now you must believe that you "can" run with the ball and you can win in business because now you have "the complete roadmap." There are no more secrets for you to reach the same success as professional, high-earning network marketers and build the income of your dreams.